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 Peptide Library Construction


Peptide library is a systematic combination of different  peptides in large number.  It is a powerful tool for drug discovery, structural studies and other applications.  GenicBio offer a high-throughput synthesis flat base and proprietary technologies for design and yield combinatorial arrays of peptides.


Grade 1: $2,100.00 / plate, No mass spec or HPLC result will be provided 
Grade 2: $4,200.00 /  plate,  Mass spec and HPLC results are provided for every peptide


     • 3-5 mg per peptide

     • Peptide length is up to 20 mer

     • Mass and HPLC results can be provided for every peptide

     • N-terminal biotin or fluorescence labeling are available

     • Modification: cyclization, phosphorylation, amidation, dansyl, dabsyl, lissamine and more

     • Delivered in 96-well plat

     • Minimal order: 48 peptides

     • Turn around time: 2-3 weeks



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